<Sascha> sighs deeply, hands running over the bible that Keenan gave her as she puts it in her bag. Then she approaches the doors to the Chapel and takes her shoes off, lightly feeling the stone and then earth on her feet as she makes her way inside and looks around for Marc.

MArc is sitting there Packing up a very old napsack Humming as he puts the baseball bat through the straps and lifts it up and turns crossing himself. Shuffling like he had the song of god in his heart. "Well Blessed are we Sascha come in Peace ..Your not at peace. What is it?

<Sascha> approaches him and takes his hand, placing the philosopher's stone in it and closing her hand around his. "Don't argue... it's just in case I don't make it back. You will need it. If I make it back then I'll take it and figure out how to make another one."

Marc Looks at her and makes a face"You know what happens with one of these Correct. I have no Idea I heard you can reform your worldly form here if you are Pure enough..If you are slain..Much like this Ninette I ve been speaking to since you put that in ..He who shall not be named Mouth and he lost his mind. I have heard it can allow you to inhabit Life If god allows,I have heard many legends about these bit Never seen one in my Entire

time on earth ..I am going to New Orleans..with you.

<Sascha> nods her head. "I know a little, very little. Most of it from what Ninette told me, or from her journal.", she looks thoughtful. "You know, the strangest things happen... do you think it could be used to save Gavin?", she almost, "I would have to fall back on my thought that God has the oddest sense of humor... in that Sangris served some good for us unintentionally.", she then

looks to the sack and then to him seriously. "Really? You're serious?", she actually brightens just a bit.

Marc smiles "Yes I wish to see the United States again. You Can Show me when you are done how Your city is and what things to see.I look forward to seeing the River and Churches. I hear MY grand childer is there as well Celeste..I could ughhh But yes..I would like to snoop on him and see what that is about. "He looks at the stone and Hands it to her "I do not know ,That is in Gods hands,I ve been studying the Stigmata now for weeks,I

have Never heard of anyone trying to this,Its new and Yes Its interesting.But the Lord almighty see's things in a light we can only bask in ..well sort of bask.

<Sascha> makes a face, "Yeah for about five minutes of melting.", she growls a little at him, but takes the stone back. "I like Jackson Square and the Cathedral there. St Louis Cathedral... I'll show you.", she sighs. "I know... I am finding it very hard to trust right now. I have to go talk to Rose about something and then I plan to head back and pray and try not to throw things. I

haven't been this angry in... ... a long time."

Marc takes the stone back "No I shall keep it with me..Growly. One must use baritone.. Father forgive me you left me with Gavin..He is under guard with sister evlynn and Cario..Arch bishop valez was talking with him for a bit in here...actually in here..She gave me somethings for santos and Michael But I will go ahead with out you. I have them at gavins brown stone with Eynri as well..What a better guardian no?

((Keenan)) came into the library after having a few minutes in the firing range and started to look around the repository of knowledge that he'd so curiously not taken advantage of, looking through various editions for something in either English or French, at least something he could read and understand in regards to his new found night life and the group he so readily became a part of.

((Keenan)) will nod with a smile and pick up a book, looking at the topics that may be included, and settle down into a chair in the library itself and begin reading one of the volumes about the sabbat structure itself.::

((Keenan)) kicked his feet up onto a foot stool if one was around and sank into the book, flipping the pages as he read through the Purchase pact and the trials and tribulations of the nights before.:: "Hunh...that was a rough ass time before hand." ::he quirked a brow as he continued to read through.::

((Keenan)) continued to read through the book, he'd stand up and head over to the book shelves after a moment and start doing some digging for other information as there were words used that eluded to other instances in history and other documents, which he looked to get a hold of, of course if anything took him to he 4th floor he instantly turned around and went back downstairs to find something most cases what he looked

for most likely did not take him to the 4th floor at all.

((Keenan)) began to read up on the tenets of the sect, nodding when he read the code of Milan and smiled pointing at it.:: "This is exactly what Altaryn" ::he took out a notepad and wrote it down word for word placing it in the breast pocket of his shirt to read every night so he could learn it by rote.::

((Keenan)) would close up the books and put them back in exactly the same place that he got them from and then would slip out back to his room.::

::Keenan comes walking into the combat training room, getting a hold of a pistol and ammunition, as well as a long gun, probably a .308 if one is available, or something else, he also has his throwing blades on hand as he finds himself a good place to settle in, racking his rifle next to the area he's going to fire from, laying the pistol down and setting up his ammunition along with ear protection and eye protection.::

((Keenan)) starts loading ammunition into cartridges for the pistol and then will alter to the magazines for the rifle, checking each round before putting them in, then setting the magazines aside without putting one into the rifle before handling the pistol, taking the safety off the .9 MM and firing rounds into a target.

((Keenan)) lowers the pistol when he's done emptying the clip into the target, reloading and taking aim again then firing at the target with the next clip.

((Keenan)) laid down the pistol after clearing the chamber, removing the empty clip and then picked up the rifle, placing the magazine in, chambering a round and took aim at a new target, and then fired, reloading the next and firing again.*

((Keenan)) looks at the crickets and frowns.:: "I hate that I can understand you....and if you guys think you can do so much better? you get your ass up here and take a shot...yeah that's what I thought." ::he shook his head at the crickets and took another shot.::

((Keenan)) would do a few more shots with the rifle, spending the ammunition in one magazine and then moving onto the next, turning and adjusting with each shot to get center mass.

((Keenan)) will pack up his weapons and hand then back to the man at arms, after gathering up his throwing blades and then place them back into the secure pouches he has set aside.:: "going to have to get some sword training in with Altaryn I suppose." ::he rolled his neck as he slipped out for the night.::

<Matty> makes his way into the community room of the library.

-the community room at the library was well furnished with comfortable chairs to welcome the studious. It was off of one of the common areas and had a door that could be closed for privacy

<Kim> arrived about ten minutes before the class was set to begin and smiled at Matty before giving the room a paranoid glance and moving to sit near a wall so that her back is protected.

<Matty> debates sitting near Kim, but, he was not sure if he made her nervous or not. He sat at one of the chairs eventualy and waited.

<Kim> fidgeted as she waited and took out her notes from the last class, “I didn’t know you were studying the Cherokee language, Matty.”

<Matty> whispers back "After what happened... I'm more here as a show of solidarity. I... may have also thought this was more cultural."

<Kim> giggles softly, “Well, there is culture in language. So it’s both.”

<Matty> nods

<Matty> whispers "If I take the class, could you help me catch up?"

<Matty> shivers a bit "They really have the AC turned up in here."

<Matty> wishes he was more prepaired, but was not sure what to expect when he came to the class.

<Kim> nodded and smiled, “Sure, but there aren’t any tests. It’s more of a directed self study for people interested in it.”

<Matty> nods "Ah... so not lecture based...." He goes to look for reading material.

<< Instructor: RedDawn >> poked his smiling face in the door and when he saw Matty and Kim he slipped inside, "Well now, looks like we have the usual suspects tonight. At leas one usual suspect and one I recognize.

<Matty> nods to RedDawn.

+||+ Kim +||+ smiled and perked up, "Hey, I'm glad to see you are doing alright, Red. Have there been any other problems?"

((Keenan)) comes into the club wearing his black cargo pants and a black work shirt, steel toed boots and wrist watch, he settles in at the bar and drops a few dollars on the top.:: "Dark and Blond...please." ::he said it mechanically, dry, almost tired as he didn't even really pay attention to the people in the club, he honestly couldn't care less about them right now, as he saw the drink put before him, he just stared at it for a

while, eyes lingering on the droplettes that rolled down the surface of the glass, then picked it up and took a sip, setting the glass back down on the counter top and stared at it a while longer.::

((Keenan)) sips the beer a little more, eventually he'll finish the whole thing and slide it back to the bar tender empty, when the bartender asks him if he'd like another Keenan raises his hand and shakes it saying that he's had enough.:: "No thank you, think I'm done with that one there."

((Keenan)) shook his head and got up, and left the bar after the drink and a couple of songs, heading out to his motorbike and driving back to Asylum, parking the bike he'd slip off, pull the key and head in to the chapel.::

Chapel at Asylum in Baton_Rouge during the Night --> " prière pour frère "

((Keenan)) stepped into the Asylum passing by the rest of everything else and made his way to the chapel, moving to a seat, but without sitting he simply set himself to kneel letting himself rest on his haunches as his head was lowered.::

((Keenan)) puts his hands up on the back of the seat of the church pew, resting them there and sighed deeply to himself.:: "I don't know if you'll hear me, but quite honestly I think you may be the only one I can talk to right now. Not looking for salvation, I burned that bridge as far as I know, and I don't know if you even turn your gaze to people like us, but with some of the folks I've seen around here....maybe you do." ::He

looked up at whatever edifice of god stood in the center.:: "I'd say I could use a sign, but I don't care about that, I'm letting you know...nothings going to save the things I stand against with my brothers and sisters."

((Keenan)) stared up at the statues and paintings, any stained glass that may be in the windows and stood up.:: "I dedicate myself to the execution of all those that will come, they wanna walk with the devil, then we'll send em to hell." ::he turned back to the front of the church and sat down in the Pew, just staring at the artistry of what was there.::

((Keenan)) sat for what felt like forever before finally standing up, gathering himself together and then headed back to his room.